We provide Tui Na TherapyMassage TherapyReflexology and Cupping Therapy.

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We also teach Tai ChiQi Gong and Regimen technology.

Price Rate:

30-minute Tui Na, Deep Tissue Massage or Reflexology - $50.00

60-minute Tui Na or Deep Tissue Massage - $80.00

90-minute Tui Na or Deep Tissue Massage - $150.00

60-minute Comprehensive Therapy* - $80.00

60-minute full body relaxation massage - $80.00

90-minute full body relaxation massage - $130.00

30-minute Cupping Therapy - $40.00

* Comprehensive Therapy: combine with Tui Na, Acupressure Therapy, Deep Tissue Massage, Reflexology, Cupping Therapy, physiotherapy equipment as needed.


Gift certificates can be purchased at:
The Lexington Visitor Center, 1875 Massachusetts Ave., Lexington, MA 02420 
Cambridge Savings Bank, 1781 Massachusetts Ave., Lexington, MA 02420

Pre-Pay Packages:

The package you can give to others

Six 60-minute massages - $420
Twelve 60-minute massages - $780

six 60-minute Comprehensive Therapy - $420
twelve 60-minute Comprehensive Therapy - $780

Six 90-minute Tui Na or deep tissue massages - $840
Twelve 90-minute Tui Na or deep tissue massages - $1620

Six 90-minute relaxation massages - $720
Twelve 90-minute relaxation massages - $1,380



People who above 65 years old can get $10 off for any 60-minute service.